Introduction to Sourdough


This on-demand video demonstration is an Introduction to Sourdough and will step you through the process

It includes details about what you need, what to do and how to do it.

We hope that it will give you the confidence to start a family food story of your own.



Introduction to sourdough

Making bread from scratch is a skill.  But it’s also incredibly satisfying, and very delicious.  Traditional food skills are always our favourites, and a fresh sourdough loaf is right up there amongst the most beautiful of all.

We teamed up with local award winning sourdough baker Leah Bonfilli to film this workshop, because what she doesn’t know about sourdough is not worth knowing.  As Best in Category at the Royal Adelaide Show, Leah knows exactly how to turn out consistently good loaves of bread.

It’s relaxed and casual, but this video will break down the steps and the processes, and you can pause, rewind, rewatch or review the video as many times as you need.

And as always with our workshops, if you have any questions you only need to ask.  We are always happy to provide personalised help.



  • On-demand video demonstration. Video run time: 1hour 20 minutes. You can stop, rewind, pause and rewatch as many times as you need.
  • Detailed written instructions – downloadable PDF.
  • A recipe cheat-sheet to stick on your fridge or in your recipe book

This video demonstration will talk you through:

  • How to feed a starter and know if it’s ready for bread making
  • What is a discard?  How does that work, and what do I do with it?
  • A simple sourdough recipe
  • All the steps, including how and when to work your dough
  • Kneading techniques that deliver great results
  • Detailed baking instructions
  • Leah’s experience and the tricks she uses to make beautiful bread
  • The confidence to give it a go yourself

What we can’t give you is the willpower to resist eating every loaf of fresh bread.

*Leah’s husband Paul is currently undergoing cancer treatment, so in lieu of payment Leah asked that we make a donation to the Cancer Council.  In honour of this $5 from every video sold will be a donation on Paul’s behalf.


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