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Have you ever looked at big boxes of tomatoes and wondered what you would do with them all?  Or how to make yoghurt?  Or Mayonnaise?  Or what to do with the wheelbarrow load of zucchini you just picked from the veggie garden?  This is the series for you.  Filled with tips from all of our favourite and regular food skills, this series will give you the confidence to start creating pantry staple items from your seasonal produce.


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Late summer is the height of preserving season in the Barossa and we want to take you on a little journey into our kitchens, share some of our favourite food skills and give a little snippet of what its like to live like a Barossan.

Seasonal eating is the key to cheaper and more nutritious eating, but how do you know what is in season, how to connect to it and what to do with it when you’ve found it?  Join us on this six week series as we show you where we source our produce and what we do with it to create a sustainable and seasonal pantry that gives all year round.

If you cant join us live as we chat via zoom, episodes will all be available as recordings to watch at any time that suits you.  Tickets can also be purchased at any time during the series and past episodes will be made available with recorded links.  Please note that the first episode will be broadcast via a Facebook live, with all subsequent episodes broadcast via Zoom.  You will receive an email after every episode with the recorded link.  FAQ about accessing zoom sessions and recordings are included below.

When you enroll in the course you will receive a welcome email with full details of session times and access details for each episode.

(please note:  parts of our workshop series will assume a working understanding of the Fowlers process.  If you are brand new to preserving and you would like to learn we recommend you complete our on-demand module first, ‘Introduction to Fowlers Vacola Preserving’)

The episodes will run as:

Saturday February 19thhow to source your produce!  Join us for a Facebook live from our local Barossa Farmers Market.  We’ll show you how to connect to local growers and what produce to look out for.

Sunday February 27th – Summer veg.  Cucumbers, capsicum, sweetcorn…what can I do with them?  Join us in the kitchen and we will make bread and butter cucumbers, pickled capsicum, and a sweetcorn relish. (Delivered via zoom.)

Sunday March 6th – Bulk produce.  Boxes of tomatoes are cheap, and those zucchini that just keep coming…….join us in the kitchen and we will talk you through our favourite ways of dealing with these two staple summer veg.  We will make a passata, a tomato sauce, and show you some great ideas for zucchini.  (Delivered via zoom)

Sunday March 13th – Marieka is away that weekend, so it will be Sheralee flying solo as she demonstrates her award winning mayonnaise.  Ok, the ‘award winning’ is just the Tanunda show, but hey, you gotta take the wins where you can right?  She will show you how to make a traditional egg mayonnaise from scratch. (Delivered via zoom)

Sunday March 2oth – Dairy.  Join us in the kitchen as we use milk from our local dairy, Jersey Fresh, and make yoghurt, butter and a basic soft cheese.  (Delivered via zoom)

Sunday March 27th – Pantry tour… that you’ve filled your pantry what do you do with it?  We will show you our pantry supplies and talk you through our favourite recipes for using them. (delivered via zoom).


What do you get: 

  • A personal invitation into our kitchens as we chat and work together, sharing our tips and tricks.
  • An opportunity to ask questions via email to address any specific preserving issues you may have.
  • Ongoing access to the recorded workshop and question transcripts.
  • A whole new perspective and passion for seasonal produce.


What our workshop attendees are saying…

“I’m new to preserving and got so much out of this workshop. Marieka & Sheralee answered all of our questions and I can’t wait to get started with my new preserving kit. Thank you Those Barossa Girls!”

“Informative and engaging, the workshop that Those Barossa Girls hosted was packed full of handy hints and tips. A great refresh for those with some experience or a fantastic starting point for those just discovering the joys of preserving.”

Our online workshops are suitable for both beginners and experienced food handlers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I access the episode? 
You will be emailed a link and a code to the session. If you are joining us live simply follow the links on the email at the session time to join us.  A recording link will be emailed at the conclusion of each session so you are able to access the recorded version at any time.

What do I need to have on hand during the episode?   An open mind and lots of ready questions!  there will be an opportunity for live Q&A at the end of each session, so its a great time to jump on and get us to help solve your food skills problems.

Can I ask questions? 
Yes, of course.  We love helping people get great results, so we are always available to provide help and advice to our followers.  If you have any questions after viewing the session please email us and we will address them for you specifically.

How safe is Fowlers preserving?
This food skill is more than 100 years old, and modern science has given us the benefit of understanding exactly how safe it is.  Those Barossa Girls work within food safety guidelines set down by regulatory bodies, and we will not advocate or teach practices that are not proven.  Fowlers Vacola bottling is a proven and safe method that relies on very simple rules to eliminate the possibility of food spoilage or pathogens.  It is important that home preservers understand the importance of safe food practices, and we will teach you how to apply those simple rules to your preserving.


Refund Policy:

Please note that there are no refunds, returns or exchanges on workshops and courses.

Failure to attend an in-person workshop without notice will forfeit the ticket.

With sufficient notice (minimum 24 hours) enrolment for either in-person or digital workshops can be transferred to another participant, or funds held in credit for a future session.  We encourage you to talk to us if you have concerns about your attendance.  With enough notice, we will do everything we can to ensure you achieve a good outcome.


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