Those Barossa Girls

We are now well and truly on the slide into winter!

We’ve wound the clocks back to end daylight savings, which means the shorter days and early evenings are upon us.  And put your hand up if youve eaten too much Easter chocolate?  And what about this year’s figs and quinces – oh my!  what a great yield, and the flavour is devine.

Everyone in the region is looking skyward for the opening rains, and cereal farmers are preparing their paddocks for seeding. Grape growers and winemakers are finalising their late pick varieties and putting their equipment away, while the fruit orchards are turning golden yellow as they start to shed their leaves making way for winter their critical winter dormancy. This is also the traditional time in the valley to celebrate the success of the harvest just completed, to give thanks for the abundance of the seasons, and before we retreat indoors for winter we like to go out in style with our bi-annual Vintage festival.

The festival this year celebrates its 80 year + history and is being held over four days, and is a beautiful immersion in everything that it means to live and work seasonally, with an abundance of beautiful food and wine. Its an opportunity for us to share our Barossa story with everyone, and we love it! If you have ever wanted to come and really, truly, experience the food and wine culture in the Barossa Valley, this an event not to miss. We promise you an authentic, practical, immersive and sustainable experience that will change the way you look at seasonal produce, and the incredible depth our region has to offer, forever.

As part of vintage festival this year we are hosting four hands-on workshops in the fabulous vintage CWA hall in Tanunda on Thursday April 15th and Friday April 16th, followed by a pickling workshop in the sheds at the iconic Barossa Farmers Market on Saturday April 17th. Tickets to all Vintage Festival events (including our workshops) are available now simply by jumping across to the Vintage website.

We love meeting new keepers, we love sharing skills, and we love helping people get great results with their equipment – so if you are keen, please come along – we’d love to meet you!