Well, we are in the last days of winter and boy does it feel like its dragging on.  And on.  And on.


Its always about this time of the year that we start yearning for sunshine after weeks of short days and grey skies – but the blossoms are just starting to open and we’ve had a few days of tantalisingly sunny horizons so the whispers of spring are upon us.


The cold, grey weather this year coincided with a significant hold-up in our publishing plans, so we’ve spent a large part of the last few months considering alternative options, as well as rainy radar pictures.  As absolute new-comers to this book publishing game there were things we didn’t anticipate, so we are learning as we go!  We are still determined to publish our companion book to the Barossa Cookery Book, and we are fully committed to investigating other options.

We feel terrible about the fact that we have been talking about this manuscript for such a long time now and we still don’t have a publication date for it.  There are many of you who so selflessly donated time to help us translate and test recipes, and lots of family members who shared stories of their loved ones – and to all of you we extend our thanks once again for your support and patience.

And whilst we are currently investigating several existing options, if anyone has any contacts/suggestions/recommendations for a publishing option then please reach out to us.  We are keen to look at all and any alternatives!

We are still determined to bring this book to life, it’s just going to take us a little longer than we anticipated so we ask that you continue to be patient with us while we work through this hiccup.

So anyway, while all of that has been going on Instagram also decided to dish up a fairly significant change to their algorithm , making it nearly impossible for accounts like ours to be seen.  So that was also a fairly big motivational hit.  And did we mention that the skies are grey?  And its cold?  And we are back to the start with the book manuscript? And we just want to sit in front of a fire with a glass of red?  So yeah.  You might have noticed we’ve been a bit quiet on socials as well.

We did film a little video talking about all of this, so if you would like to watch, click here:  https://www.facebook.com/thosebarossagirls/videos/792492358860392

But, we’ve both taken the opportunity to retreat a little and recharge some batteries with our families, ready to race out of the blocks in coming weeks.

We’ve been invited to help out at the Royal Adelaide Show towards the end of the month, making us feel very grown-up!  We are also heading up to the beautiful mid-north town of Jamestown for their annual show on the October Long weekend.  We love country communities and we adore country shows, so this weekend will be like pigs in mud for us!  If you are in SA come along and join us – its going to be fabulous.  Follow the links below to the competition booklet and entry forms – we want to see entries on tables Keepers!!!!

Click Here for all the details on Jamestown Show:  https://jamestownshow.com.au/

October will be a busy month with our beloved Barossa Farmers Market celebrating its 20th birthday and we will be involved with lots of events demonstrating regional recipes and traditional food skills.  If you are close by come along and join us on several Saturday mornings through the month, and stock up on your local seasonal produce while you are there.

Click Here for details of Barossa Farmers Market Birthday Celebrations, and to book tickets for our events:  https://www.barossafarmersmarket.com/events/

There are also conversations happening about getting involved with the stunning Anlaby Station and their Spring Fair, and then before you know it summer will be here and we will be elbow deep in stone fruit again.  So while the winter reset was beautiful (and very needed) we are well and truly back into it now!

Click here for the Anlaby website – even if you cant come to the spring fair check out the photos of the garden and homestead.  just breathtaking.  https://anlaby.com.au/

The wood fires are still burning in both our houses and the keeping skills are being used regularly as we open jars of summer produce for winter dinners and baking.  Bottles of tomato are going into thick and warming casseroles, and jars of fruit are getting turned into desserts and cakes for our respective hungry teenagers.  Breakfast porridge is always a beautiful thing topped with summery apricots, and the beetroot relish is always a winner on a cheese plate in front of the telly while the fire crackles alongside.  So we are definitely enjoying the fruit of our labours – because this is why we do it after all!  Smoothing out the grocery bills and reducing the weekly shop by using traditional food skills and seasonal produce.

Hoping that the season has been kind to you wherever you are, and like us, you are looking towards the sky for the return of the sunshine.  If you are close by for any of our Spring events come along and say hi – we’d love to see you.  Until then keepers, sleeves up.  Lead from the front because your skills and knowledge are valuable.  Don’t be afraid to use them to inspire others around you.  And while you are doing that, we are looking for another publisher.  We promise.


Sheralee and Marieka


The dictionary defines a ‘keeper’ as a person charged with responsibility for the preservation and conservation of something valuable, but being a keeper is also a doing word.

We are the keepers.  The keepers of the traditional food skills, the regional food stories, the new ways of doing old valuable things.  And every year, at this time and in this season, we lead the way.

You.  Me.  Us.

We are the keepers.


Click HERE to purchase copies of the original Barossa Cookery Book