Photo: John Krüger

The Barossa Cookery Book project………

We’ve researched the women, spoken to descendants, written stories and converted their recipes from imperial to metric……but the recipes need to be tested, and there are just too many for us to do ourselves.

We have 75 recipe conversions that need to be tested, baked, and eaten, and we need volunteers who love old recipes and are enthusiastic about wanting to save them.  (Sounds like the perfect job for a keeeper!)

This little cookbook built its very foundation and heartbeat from a spirit of community, and we’d love to honour that by building a community of keepers and recipe testers.

Interested?  This is what we need……

  • Confident bakers, jam makers and general cooks who can experiment a little with quantities and method.
  • The recipe will need to be made several times to ensure the results are consistent.
  • A simple photo of your finished result (taken on your phone is fine).
  • Your feedback regarding recommended recipe or method alterations.
  • Your recipe(s) tested and returned within a six week time frame.
  • The rights to the original cookbook are owned by the Barossa Council who are huge supporters of this project, so you will need to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement just to ensure we don’t breach any copyright laws.  (Its pretty standard and it basically says you wont share the recipe with anyone.)


You might take the opportunity to use your recipe testing as a morning tea with friends.  Or use it as shared project with a grandparent or relative.  Maybe you only want to test one recipe, or maybe your family will devour anything and everything you cook, so you can churn through multiple recipes for us.  The choice is entirely yours about how you do it, but we do know that the Barossa women from 1917 and 1932 would thank you enormously for recognising them and their recipes.  And of course it goes without saying that all our recipe testers will be recognized in the new publication with their names included, with our thanks.


Want to be involved?  Excellent.  Send us an email and we will send you a recipe!



Marieka and Sheralee